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  hydraulic ELEVATORS

  • Wide mass range
  • Simple, robust design without mechanical springs
  • Light weight
  • Minimum overall height
  • Technical support and buffer design consultancy
  • Controlled peak deceleration
  • Minimizes inventory
  • Low unit cost
  • Long term support

One impact, the downward motion of the plunger assembly displaces oil though the metering tube holes. Thereby decelerating the impacting mass. The buffer’s performance characteristics are dependent upon the size and distribution of these holes.

The re-extension of the plunger after impact is effected by unique gas spring. This gas spring contains nitrogen at a pressure of 20 to 30 bar. The area differential between the top and bottom of the piston results in a net force which re-extends the plunger after the compressive load is removed; (the gas in not compressed)

Thus the buffer performance on impact relies solely on oil displacement; the gas spring serves only to re-extend the plunger. Moreover, frictional forces of the plunger remains re-extended.

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